Friday, January 23, 2009

Gothic Lolita

Incase you don’t know-Gothic Lolita style is usually a combination of black and white, often black with white lace and typically decorated with ribbons and lace trims. Skirts are knee length and may have a crinoline or petticoat to add volume. As in mainstream Japanese fashion, over-knee socks or stockings are popular. White or black tights are also common. Boots, rocking horse shoes, or child-like shoes such as Mary Janes complete the look. Frilly, ruffled or lace-trimmed Victorian blouses are also popular with Gothic Lolitas and designs are usually modest, sometimes with long lace-capped sleeves and/or high-necked blouses.-

-This style has some real interesting roots and really lets you get wild as far as individualism. If your not an anime or sci-fi buff it’s not really practical but you can steal some of the finer points of style and incorporated into yours. I wouldn’t mind my lady dressing up sometimes as an anime gothic princess of pleasing.-

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