Sunday, January 18, 2009

Modeling Schemes ( Get U Famous)!!!

The unmistakable drop off in quality legitimate talent scouts, modeling agencies, and true fashion photographers has soured my taste for the fashion modeling industry. I’m brutally tormented by inspiring models looking for real job opportunities and not the next scheme to get them for their cash or thong. I have to be honest especially in secondary markets such as Atlanta, Boston, Philly, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Seattle, and so on and so forth you really don’t have a great deal of things popping off. I’m not here to rain on your parade but the facts are the facts. With that being mentioned there is hope. You need to make yourself more attractive to the larger and more legitimate agencies and firms. There are several ways to do this but none of them are easy. I will be breaking down in detail over the next couple of weeks how to make you more attractive to the monster agencies.

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Jewel D. said...

(Looking for new agent) I've gotten a couple of jobs from my current agent but now she wants to sleep with me. I thought the guys were all dogs so I was looking for females but then this.