Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color Blind is Nice

ColorBlind is a young and upcoming artist that really has caught my eye... Here are some words from the youngster".... (21yrs Old)
"I love to bring a different look on things to open the eye pass the lid. I do artwork for those who want something made special (if you would like for me to do a piece for you reach me at my email add. , if you’re a member of the bubble bubblemail me). I love to live life because thats what its made for and I’m ready for death because death is just another stage in life! My art is mostly self reflection at times or how I feel toward certain topics. I mostly concentrate on Erasing Racism (which will never happen but its nice to dream) ...Thus deriving the name Colorblind…equality, down with drugs, world issues, saving the endangered animals, aid awareness…..and topics of that nature and many more…...I hope my artwork and poetry makes love with your soul to give birth to blissful happiness and enjoyment!
-Peace…Colorblind check him out at the website.

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