Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gilberto Mattos Atelier is very good

Introducing Mr. Gilberto Mattos Atelier for those not familiar he is a very talented South American artist. We love his masterful use of colors and concepts. His artwork makes statements that are undeniable and shoot for the soul.

Gilbert Pereira de Mattos, was born in the Marília city, today he teaches in São Paulo capital city where he lives, and also in Suzano SP as well. Artist graduated by Panamericana de Artes school, acts as artist since 1978;
He has already promoted cultural events, expositions of devoted artists, beyond have participated of diverse expositions throughout 29 years of career.

The versatility of Gilberto Mattos makes he goes from academic art until modern-contemporary and for “Engages Color” where the artist presents a set of abstract works that all represents all of his ideology, in its works is well-known the harmony between the color, the size, visual and the gears.

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