Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Most Expensive Hookah

The The most expensive hookah for purchase that I could find was ‘The Narghile” by Fumari. Unfortunately, I have been checking it for some time now, and it seems to always be out of stock. I bet that is because they only made a few and the demand was so low they stopped stocking them. What makes this hookah so expensive? Fumari says “Never before has a hookah pipe featured such sleek lines and such incredible artistry.”
I agree that it is very sleek, but does that warrant at $1500 price tag? I don’t think so. Make it out of 24k gold or silver and then let me know. If it could double as a lamp, I would be more impressed. What do you think about this hookah? Have you seen a more expensive hookah? for purchase that I could find was
‘The Narghile” by Fumari. it is the truth....


MJ Cush said...

The most Expensive hookah ever is the $2,000,000.00 Hookah. October 2007 a site named 2milliondollarhookah.com presented an antique hookah made of brass as a charity ploy to raise funds to buy land to develop a mini community. This community would sustain on renewable energy, wind/solar power, with all natural/organic food and animals to feed from. They called it the Eco-Village.

(Image URL $2 million Dollar Hookah)

There is also a 24K Gold Hookah called Mini Sniper Golden made by meduse design. This Hookah is portable and has a price tag of $1,800.00 USD

(Image URL 24k Mini Sniper)

I tried to post pics, but the stupid html coding on this site wouldn't let me! So I posted the URL's instead.

Great topic by the way!

Karl Lattimer said...

I bought a Hookah overseas last month for $600.00(US) dollars and I thought that was way to much. 1800 0r 1500 dollars is to steep for my blood.

Von Swagg said...

I went to groovy green. Very nice Hookah selection. Thanks MJ Cush but to pricey for my blood. I did bid on the Hookah that is displayed on this blog. It's on Ebay.