Monday, February 2, 2009

This Vodka is at the Top of the List!!!
There has been a lot of skepticism surrounding this one since its appearance in June of this year. After some investigation, Crystal Skull Vodka is the product of a collaboration between some big players in the spirits industry. Produced by Diamond Estates Wine and Sprits, designed by world renowned, John Alexander and is promoted by Dan Aykroyd. Most people who initially saw the video on the Crystal Skull Vodka website assumed it to be a plug for an up and coming Ghostbusters movie due to Aykroyd’s rant about the supernatural world. But, this new vodka is very real. Although, Aykroyd has been vocal about his beliefs in extraterrestrial beings in the past, his sales pitch is merely the explanation of why they chose to make a skull shaped bottle in the first place, which, if you ask us, needed to be touched on. The bottle itself took a long time for designer John Alexander to make and in fact, Italian Glass manufacturer, Bruni Glass says that the bottle is the most intricate they have ever made for the consumer market.As for the “liquid joy”, as Aykroyd puts it, inside the bottle, a new technique is being used for filtering the vodka. Granted, it’s quadruple distilled as many other vodkas are, but it was Dan Aykroyd’s idea to distinguish their spirit even further. It is triple filtered through 500,000 Euro worth of herkimer diamonds. Ironically, it’s stated by Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation (the producers of the vodka), the process has no scientific value but apparently those who taste it say they can taste a difference. - On personal note I've tried this vodka and it's pretty darn good. I will be purchasing some more as soon as I find someone with it in stock.

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